Hsianteh Emblem Co. 

Is a professional manufacturer and exporting trading company that was established in 1936. The headquarters in Pan-Chiao City, a suburb area in Taipei City. Our main products include custom designed lapel pins, enamel emblems, police badges, auto emblems, flashing pins, award medals, tie clips, key chains, golf divot tools, promotions, gift items and embroidered patches etc. 
Our high quality control, fast delivery, reasonable price and professional techniques have built us an excellent reputation.
We have served over hundreds of clients from countries around the world.
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During the 40's and the 60's, we signed contracts with our government agents that have built up a good cooperation relationship with us ever since. Our goal in 21 century is to expand our business to serve more international clients. In order to make our clients happy, we have been making efforts on remaining the best quality control and decreasing the cost of products.

We have been investing in a partnership with a manufacturer in Guandong, China. Most products are manufactured in Guandong and exported from Hong Kong. We also keep our manufacturing plants in Taiwan running. This will maintain the excellent quality and offer the fair price through our manufacturers both in Taiwan and China to provide our clients with many more options. We firmly believe that will be satisfied with our best service. And this is our primary goal in doing business.
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Headquarters : Taipei
Factory Location : TW, CN
Established in : 1936
Business types : OEM, ODM. Manufacturer & exporter.
Markets : worldwide. 
Customers mainly from: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Austria, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA,